MoneySavvy is a new service designed to help financial advisers re-engage digitally with the majority of their customer base, by enabling customers to manage all of their household finances, loans & mortgages, savings, investments and pensions in one place, on a single platform, for the first time.

It is widely recognised that financial wellbeing is a key pillar in a holistic wellbeing strategy but often it is unclear where best to start engaging customers. Wealth Holdings is consulting on the development of a new software as a service platform designed to help customers achieve financial wellbeing, by giving them the tools to take control of their finances and by providing them with education, guidance and digital regulated advice.
People know they should be doing more to manage their money, but sometimes need a little help. MoneySavvy enables individuals to identify their financial priorities and get help in developing a financial plan regardless of their circumstances, providing tips and guidance to help them feel in control. MoneySavvy is an automated advice and guidance platform, which uses an interactive chatbot to engage with customers in their own time, in their own home and at their own pace.
MoneySavvy delivers a holistic financial health-check and guidance. It encourages customers to manage their spending on household spending and to manage their debts before providing regulated guidance and advice on savings, investment and pensions. Customers benefit from expert information, personalised nudges, guidance and advice to help them achieve financial wellbeing.
MoneySavvy provides a cost comparison service to enable customers to reduce their spending on household essentials by being able to find and buy lower cost products and services; from utilities to TV & broadband, home & motor insurance, credit cards, loans & mortgages. By helping to reduce household expenditure and by providing guidance and regulated advice on savings, investments and pensions, MoneySavvy will help customers of financial advisers to achieve financial wellbeing.