Digitalise wanted to offer its digital services to retail financial advisers, so that their clients could take advantage of tailored, low-cost, investment management service at a time convenient to them.

Digitalise interrogated the back office system of the financial adviser, analysed the data and reconciled it with both Experian and product providers, to establish more than £1 billion of qualifying assets. The service was designed so that customers would receive a letter or email from the financial advisers, which included a cost comparison of their existing plan being managed off-line with a proposed new plan being managed online.
Customers were given a unique URL that allowed them to go online to view the options available to them and those who wanted to proceed were able to do so online. The service also allowed customers to sign up, complete KYC and establish their accounts on their smartphones. They could also see every holding in their portfolio, all of the transaction history and all of the costs involved, down to the penny.
From a public launch in July 2016 to today, the discretionary manager has accumulated more than £2 billion of assets under management.