LayerSync is a fit-for-purpose CMS software built on the principles of effectiveness, security and ease of use. It is built with hard-working financial services firms in mind, to engage with customers, new and existing, in a secure online environment.

Where no CMS product in the market existed with the levels of security required to protect PII, IP, privacy, and financial information. Fly Agency and Wealth Holdings took advantage of an opportunity to build something that would help their clients.

Changes to compliance laws, data privacy and GDPR meant that a fit-for-purpose CMS could be built and released to the market.
The product ensures premium performance in pagespeed and SEO, while having a very simple WYSIWYG editing capability. The modular build (the “layers”) enables rapid editing and user journey changes. A nimble, effective, secure web product.

Fly Agency is a creative studio that drives business success. They use cutting edge technology and beautiful design to craft intuitive user experiences.

Fly are the dedicated strategic, creative partners of Wealth Holdings, providing design, UX/UI and web development – helping clients with customer acquisition and user experience. They are a specialist team of marketing strategists, creatives, UX/UI designers and digital developers.