Preferring to take a medium to long term approach, we often take a capital or profit related interest in any business that we work with, so we are aligned with performance related success.
Wealth Holdings was founded by Andrew Smith IMC in 2013. Andrew has worked with the Hambro Family, American Express Financial Services and Goldman Sachs to name but a few.
Andrew was one of four founders of Succession Advisory Services and has been joined in Wealth Holdings by a number of the very senior team who delivered acquisition, deal structure and integration planning amongst the Succession IFA Membership.
Wealth Holdings has been involved in numerous financial services business over the years ranging from mergers and acquisitions; building IFA businesses from start-up through to sale; developing nationwide consolidation models through to building wrap platforms and developing a range of new products.
Wealth Holdings has raised money to fund business growth, buyouts and succession planning, some involving very innovative and unique fund structures.

Why Choose Wealth Holdings

Unconflicted Advice

We are an independent business and will therefore, always establish that our engagement/advice is unconflicted.

Years of Experience

We often act as an advisor or NED to a Board of Directors, or as a sounding board on specific strategic projects.

Aligned with Your Success

Our preferred fee structure often has an emphasis on aligned success and performance.

Broad Network

We have a network of industry-leading specialists and business interests that can be leveraged to benefit a client engagement.