Wealth Holdings was founded by Andrew Smith IMC in 2013. Andrew has worked with the Hambro Family, American Express Financial Services and Goldman Sachs to deliver high quality financial planning businesses.

Andrew was one of four founders, and COO, of Succession Advisory Services and has been joined in Wealth Holdings by several of the senior team who delivered acquisition, deal structure and integration planning amongst the Succession IFA Membership.
Foremost amongst these is Keith Brown , the CEO of Wealth Holdings, who is responsible for driving business growth daily. Keith brings a no-nonsense attitude to M&A deals knowing that any transaction is only successful if it works for all parties. 
Our partnership with IFA Magazine concluded in 2023 creates not just a leading M&A business but one which has the unique capacity to communicate with both sellers and buyers on an unprecedented level. The team of experienced financial journalists and marketeers are able to make sure all stakeholders in the M&A chain are fully up to date with the latest opportunities, regulation and best available options for their clients, staff and their businesses.
Additionally, their editorial reach, via print, websites, social media, webinars and other channels, allow Wealth Holdings to showcase, interview and fully present acquiring firms, giving detailed insight otherwise unavailable to other brokers.
The Wealth Holdings management team has been involved in numerous financial services businesses over the years ranging from mergers and acquisitions; building IFA businesses from start-up through to sale; developing nationwide consolidation models through to building wrap platforms and developing a range of new products.
We believe we are uniquely positioned to assist the biggest Consolidators on a major acquisition push as well as provide a very personal service to the niche specialist advisory firm looking to commence their succession and exit planning.

Why Choose Wealth Holdings

Unconflicted Advice

We are an independent business and will therefore, always establish that our engagement/advice is unconflicted.

Years of Experience

Our team has over 150 experience as advisors, owners and directors of financial services practices. We know the market and the people. 

Aligned with Your Success

Our fee structure is aligned to success. Our aim is a successful outcome for all parties from the Acquirer, shareholders, vendors, staff and most importantly, your clients.

Broad Network

We have a network of industry-leading specialists and business interests that can be leveraged to benefit a client engagement.

Current Opportunities

Growing in the South West

Our client is looking to expand their

practice across the South West

covering Devon, Cornwall and as far

as Bristol. Providing a freindly,

professional but local service they

are seeking planners looking to exit

and ensure thier clients retain a

local adviser.

Major IFA Consolidation

We are working with one of the

largest wealth management groups

in the UK. Now owned by a leading

name in financial services and well

funded they are looking to acquire

high quality practices across the UK.

Regional Growth plans

We are working with firms looking to

acquire client banks or practices in

Norfolk, South London and Kent, Home

Counties and Milton Keynes areas. If

you are in those locations and looking

to retain a local freindly service for

your clients post sale please contact us.

Sell and Stay

Retirement after a sale isn't the only

option. If you are considering a sale

but wish to stay on and help grow the

practice we have firms looking to partner

with you with a buy and grow strategy.

Please get in touch if a confidential

conversation would be of interest.