Wealth Holdings provides a unique blend of skill and experience to deliver a comprehensive opportunity for IFA practices to embark on the next stage of their development whether that is selling their practice, completing an acquisition or implementing a succession plan. We will be clear from the outset as to which party we represent but the best deals will always maximise value for both parties.
Example Sharepoint Site

Figure 1: Wealth Holdings engagement letter template.

Our team have extensive knowledge of the sector and will support practices throughout the transition providing practical support and guidance.

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your aims and ambitions, your client proposition and the value drivers in your business. We provide extensive documentation to capture the key details and help you to maximise your potential by assisting practices in presenting a comprehensive business prospectus.

To ensure a smooth transition that works for all parties we utilise our deep knowledge of the sector to ensure we find the correct combination of deal structure and cultural fit for you, your staff and most importantly, your clients.
We work alongside the management team throughout the transition in order to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Example Sharepoint Site

Figure 2: An example Sharepoint site, created for each selling firm.

Our IT infrastructure uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud services to provide a secure system to manage our business and to protect your information and data. We have also developed proprietary software to manage the business process associated with selling a firm, succession planning & acquisitions. These combined systems enable us to manage the needs of our clients and respond quickly to any queries or concerns.

We provide each of our clients with a branded private web portal, which allows your team and ours to connect easily. It acts as a document store, communications centre and Data Room and allows us to collaborate with you securely on files and lists of information and, using a simple task management system, make sure you are able to keep on track to produce everything that is needed to get your business ready.

Detailed Due Diligence document.

Figure 3: A business process management toolkit is used to efficiently manage workload.