The best combination of price,
deal structure and cultural fit

Ours is a very diverse market with both buyers and sellers of every shape and size and there are many aspects to consider in achieving the best deal for you.

Price is obviously a key factor: vendors will wish to optimise their value and acquirers are seeking to identify strong growth opportunities. These two aspirations are not necessarily incompatible and our experience in over 50 acquisitions/disposals enables us to identify well-aligned buyers and sellers.
The structure of any deal is perhaps equally important in unlocking value in the most timely, tax-efficient way possible for sellers and ensuring buyers pay a fair consideration with the potential to unlock a decent return on their investment.
For both parties, a strong cultural fit with common purpose and shared values will be crucial to creating a successful deal in the long-term, avoiding client and/or adviser attrition.

We will work alongside management in any merger or acquisition to reduce obstacles in day-to-day operations, providing support for the newly-merged business to maintain momentum and ensuring that a targeted growth opportunity can be made a reality.